Pier Supported Drive Assemblies Model 286P2

Model 286P2

Output Torque (Note 1): 14,100 ft-lbs (19,100 N-m)

Drive Motor: 1/2 hp

Approximate Spur Gear Weight: 1,920 lbs

Nominal Diameter
Mechanism Tip Speed (Note 2)
45 ft 8.3 ft/min 0.0601 rpm
50 ft 9.2 ft/min 0.0601 rpm
55 ft 10.2 ft/min 0.0601 rpm


  1. Defined as: Maximum Continuous 20 Year Rated Output Torque
  2. Tip Speed calculated at Mechanism diameter = 12" less than Collector Nominal Diameter
  3. These Pier Supported drive units are not recommended for use on clarifier mechanism with diameter greater than the range listed in the table above.
spur gear 286P1


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